Iceland | Seydisfjorfur

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We left Hofn early after breakfast. The drive to Seydisfjorfur was breath taking, from dusty mountains to rolling green hills, winding roads, mountains with beds of flowers beneath them to icy white landscapes. Iceland has such versatile scenery. The small town of Seydisfjorfur is cookie cutter perfect, it has pastel coloured houses wth different coloured trims and flowers.

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Iceland | Glaciers and Hofn

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After saying goodbye to Vik, we began our drive into Hofn. On the way we were once again distracted by all the constantly changing scenery and of course the glaciers, it started out as a sunny day that was almost warm (but as you can probably guess quickly turned later on in the day which we sort of expected being it is Iceland and all!).

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Iceland | Vik Part 2

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I am convinced that Iceland is some sort of alien world, walking to the  Sólheimasandur plane wreckage site, it was strangely eerie, the only sounds the be heard was our footsteps crunching on the gravelly black dirt and my occasional heavy exertion. The walk was a hefty forty five minutes to and from, we underestimated it and thought we would do it in lesser time, turns out we are like everyone else. The plane wreckage site was beautiful but eerie, sort of like the rest of Iceland.

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Iceland | Vik

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It was a long and tiring journey to Iceland and I got quite sick from the journey. My body was just not feeling right and I felt nauseous and dizzy. We had two stop-overs and three flights before we reached our destination. After a day of rest at the lovely Airbnb I started to get better. In the morning we had a lovely breakfast of homemade bread, chocolate cake, house smoked trout and lamb which was absolutely amazing, included other meats and cheeses, scrambled eggs, fruit, juice and coffee etc. We are staying on a farm hosted by Martina and Jon, they have horses, sheep and chicken and grow their own produce. Click to continue to see my photos.

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Today we left the house at 10:30AM and headed to Williamstown where we had a coffee at Cafe Cirino in the sun. It was lovely weather wise, sunny with a sharp chill in the air fixed by rugging up. We walked around the pier and water before we headed to eat pho for lunch. After that we drove for a little bit and strolled through a small botanic garden.

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South Coast Adventures |Part Two

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We stayed at Mitch’s mum’s house, as usual it was full of laughter and coconut oil (inside joke). The house is right across the beach so Mitch and I walked across the road and I photographed him. I’ve been trying to get into people photography, the challenge has been to find models. I’ve been Mitch’s quite a few times so he agreed to be my model. The next night we were about to go to dinner for my birthday when we saw a little light in the sky, so we rushed out with our cameras. What came of it was a beautiful pink and dreamy glow in the sky.

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South Coast Adventures | Part One

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After moving out we headed to Berry where Mitch’s dad lives. It is a lovely farm with a dog, cat, five(?) horses and chickens. Craig also grows his own vegetables and had been promising us avocados since 2014, but he says this is part of a four year plan. Yesterday morning we headed to Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay to take the drone out for a little spin.

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Sunday Brunch and Antique Browsing

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Antique browsing.

Today I met my friend Nicole for brunch at Mecca in Alexandria. We were halfway through talking and gossiping when I realized I forgot to take my battery for my camera… I had planned to take some pictures of Nicole (as I want to try my hand at people photography). I had to use my iPhone instead which wasn’t too bad but didn’t have the features that I wanted. Anyway the pictures turned out pretty good! Afterwards we stumbled into a really cool and creepy (two words you never thought could be in the same sentence right?) antique store and browsed around.

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Sunday Autumn Glow

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We woke early in the morning and headed to Spice Alley, where we went last week for Mitch to take photos of me. The morning light was soft and golden which was perfect for pictures. After we went to Concrete Jungle cafe, a modern minimal/industrial designed space for food and coffee. I had a greens, poached egg and wagyu bresaola and Mitch had ricotta hot cakes.

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