Da Nang: Part 2

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Da Nang + Hoi An

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So we are in Vietnam! On the second day we flew to Da Nang, a coastal town full of tourists. We stayed at a hotel about a five minute walk from the beach. If you want to see what I saw please click to continue!

Also to view my YouTube video of last week in Melbourne click: https://youtu.be/167F1R_Pbpw

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Today Mitch and I headed to Melbourne City to explore. First we went to Hosier Lane to get some video footage, it took us a while to find coffee. Mitch took his coffee at Duke’s Coffee Roaster and about thirty minutes later I found a bistro style tiny cafe in the Royal Arcade – I can’t remember the name of the place but it was really good. After that we caught the tram to Fitzroy to go to Hotel Jesus.

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Hello, Again

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So, I have been MIA for the past two or three weeks. Mainly because I haven’t been doing much. However, with the Vietnam trip coming up in a month, I will be sure to be posting daily. Right now I am compiling my outfits for possible shoots in Vietnam. After Vietnam will be the first time I will go to New Zealand, which is also super exciting! Right now I am back in Shellharbour, New South Wales. Today was a lazy day, however we headed out for coffee at around 2PM and the light was hitting everything nicely at this time. Welcome back photos!

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Iceland | Last Pictures

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On our last day we roamed the city of Reykjavik before we returned our rental car. We walked into town and found a cool cafe called Reykjavik Roasters which was very hip and reminded us of cafes in Melbourne. The coffee was great and it soon became busy with tourists. We headed out and explored the city, there were so many little knick knack stores around every corner and souvenir stores were not amissed. We bought some souvenirs for our families before we began or journey to the car rental place.

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Iceland | Midnight Sunsets

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It is now our last night in Iceland, well not really but tomorrow doesn’t count as we will be moping around in the airport. Last night I stayed in while Mitch went out to shoot the sunset, he had a feeling it was going to be amazing and he was right. These are the photos I captured outside our Airbnb in Grundarfjordur, and this lasted for about four hours. During the day we went for a drive and stopped at a church where the lupine flowers pretty much flooded the whole hill. Continue reading “Iceland | Midnight Sunsets”

Iceland | Hvammstangi | Arnastapi | Budir

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So I have been a little lazy with the  blogging, but after Akureyri we headed to Hvammstangi (Land of Seals), it is a tiny town of fishing and farming. We headed for a drive where I fell asleep most of the way. Yesterday it was National Iceland Day so most businesses were closed.

After Hvammstangi we headed towards  Grundarfjordur, near this area there are many sites to see such as Arnastapi and it’s little cottage on the hill, Kirkjufellsfoss,  the rocky arch in Arnastapi and my favourite, the Budir black church which was such a stunning contrast against the scenery.

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Iceland | Akureyri

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On the way to Akureyri we encountered some hot sulfur pools of bubbling mud that was fascinating and also smelled like rotten eggs. Iceland is truly a place of many different lands. It felt like we were in the desert with its dusty rocks and ground. Today we headed to Kaffi Ilmur for a nice coffee and then walked around town, then we went for a nice drive up north and visited a lovely botanic garden after.

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